Writing should always keep the readers in mind. Lose that, and the focus of the book goes sideways. This is the core of Rachel’s approach as an editor.

She teases that she uses the Oxford comma without apology, but truth is, occasionally, rules are meant to be broken. It depends on the genre, or subgenre, the consistency in writing style or a needed break from it. More than adherence to grammar, good writing allows for the organics of language to play, which is where editing becomes fun. Whether substantively editing, copy editing, or proofreading, Rachel gives focus beyond how sentences are structured, but to how they’ll be interpreted.

Paying special attention to the writer’s voice, Rachel offers warm and constructive comments to capture the writer’s intention in a manuscript, providing insight to make chapters cohesive, from cover to back jacket. She wants to help you entertain and inform your readers and, ultimately, sell the project – your book.

She is inspired by every story. Sometimes you’ll find her in the NaNoWriMo community, tutoring English to international students, or enjoying an Earl Grey tea latté.

She is a member of the Professional Editors Association of Vancouver Island.