Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Assisted self-publishing is when a company provides you with the services and support necessary to publish a quality, well-constructed book. This may include editing, design, marketing and a project manager to guide you through the process. The benefits of this approach allow you to maintain your copyright and creative control while still obtaining the services of experienced, qualified professionals.

  2. Tellwell is the only Canadian company offering authors 100% net royalties. That means authors make more money from their book sales. We also don’t markup printing and believe in a transparent approach to book publishing. With some companies, authors don’t know who is editing or designing their book. At Tellwell, we believe in a personal approach and have a talented team to help make the publishing process a friendly, informative and successful experience.

  3. We believe every author deserves their best chance at success and that begins with ensuring that you see the maximum return on your investment. The only income we see is for our production and marketing services so everything after the retailer and printer have been paid is yours.

  4. Royalties are calculated as follows: List Price − Retail Discount − Print Cost = Net Royalties At Tellwell, you set the list price and retail discount while taking advantage of the lowest possible print cost. This formula always results in the most possible royalties.

  5. All royalties are tracked and paid out by the distributor on a monthly or quarterly basis, provided that a minimum threshold has been passed. Some distributors will require you to have a PayPal account to deposit your royalties.

  6. Initially it will go up for sale on, Barnes& and (as well as international sites). If you would like an ebook, it can be made available on Kindle and Kobo (additional platforms also available).

  7. At Tellwell, we give you advice on how to price your book but the ultimate decision is yours.

  8. Definitely not. You will be covered under the Canadian Tax Treaty with the USA.

  9. In the context of publishing, this happens when a publisher insists you order copies of your book through them for 50% (or so) off of the list price, which they also set. Pair this with the common “10% royalties” structure they put authors on and you have a losing formula. Imagine selling a book for $20 and earning $2. Then, when you order a copy for yourself it costs $10? This would mean that you need to sell five books to pay for each copy you order for yourself.

Production & Distribution

  1. This of course depends on extenuating circumstances and your own promptness. Generally speaking, production times are approximately 4 months.

  2. There is no hard and fast formula for this. A combination of demonstrated sales, interest and visibility are your best options.

  3. None. We set you up with a direct relationship with the printer which allows you, and only you, to take advantage of author discounts on printing. This allows you the flexibility to order what you need, when you need it, for the lowest price.

  4. We use the world’s largest print-on-demand provider and distributor IngramSpark. Their distribution network reaches 39,000 retailers worldwide.

  5. With POD, any orders that are received for your book are printed, packed and shipped on a per copy basis. This prevents the need for micromanagement or the need to order large print runs which you would then need to store and ship yourself.

  6. Print-on-demand is unavailable in Canada, thus forcing Canadian authors to print in large, costly print runs rather than printing only the amount of copies needed.

  7. Proofs are an invaluable resource for pre-qualifying your final printed product. Ordering a proof means ordering one copy of your book from the printer (plus shipping) after the book is approved to print but before you enable it for distribution to online retailers. This is to make sure the printed product matches your expectations after viewing and approving the final pdf print file.

    Revisions or adjustments at this point come at an additional cost. If the error is on Tellwell’s part, we cover the cost of one printed proof and fixing the error in the print file.

  8. It is highly recommended that you do. When marketing your book, it is important that both customers and press be able to find out about you and your book as easily as possible. We offer that service in our marketing packages.