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Publishing a book is easy, but doing it well takes a team effort. Team up with our publishing professionals to get your book in the hands of readers!

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100% net royalties - Tellwell Talent

100% net royalties

Most publishing companies take a significant portion of sales revenue from authors and inflate the print-on-demand costs. This forces you to price your book high and makes it more difficult to recover your publishing investment. With our model you get higher royalties, lower print costs, and more flexibility when pricing your book for your readers.

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A transparent, team approach - Tellwell Talent

A transparent, team approach

Most publishing companies keep it a secret who is working on each book. That’s a problem because you want to know that the folks helping you are experienced and talented. Without transparency, how can you be assured of high quality work? Our team is experienced and we take pride in our work. Take some time to get to know us!

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A Canadian guide to indie publishing - Tellwell Talent

A Canadian guide to indie publishing

Our distribution channels include broad reach throughout the US, Europe and beyond. But we are Canadian and the majority of our work is with Canadian authors. We’ve created a simple guide that takes only 5-10 minutes to read. It explains the steps to publishing, the pros and cons of self-publishing, and how Tellwell compares to the five biggest companies in the industry.

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How it works.

Once you’ve completed your draft manuscript, there are four steps to publishing a book.


Writing a book involves hundreds of creative decisions. After months, or often years of writing a manuscript, it becomes harder to see how a reader might experience the story. An editor provides a set of fresh eyes to improve the quality of the writing, and catch grammatical and spelling mistakes.


A compelling cover goes a long way in boosting book sales and helping the book get noticed. Our designers work with authors to create impressive covers that wow them and their readers. They also make sure your book files adhere to the correct specifications to be approved for distribution.


Once your book is edited and designed, it’s time to put it on the market. We list your book with major online retailers like Chapters and We make it available to brick and mortar bookstores through a distributor. We also make sure it’s available as an ebook through Kindle, Kobo and other ebookstores.


Getting the word out about your book and creating a buzz is crucial. People need to hear about your book through book events, social media, influencers and traditional print and broadcast media. That means pitching your story to news outlets or book reviewers, organizing a book launch, and having a strong online presence.